Operation Hypnos

Operation Hypnos is a video game I created with a team during the 2018 Global Game Jam, a 48-hour event where teams try to make the best game adhering to that year's theme they can within the time limit. Operation Hypnos is a puzzle game where you create a network by mind controlling government employees in line of sight and moving them so they can connect to others. The goal of each level is to connect all employees together to a terminal in order to create a decryption key.

This was the first time I designed levels for a puzzle game, and it was an interesting experience thinking about puzzles from the other end. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the team and I were unable to refine the puzzles or make enough intermediary puzzles. As a result, there are some sharp difficulty spikes at a couple points in the game. However, many playtesters got hooked, and watching some of them play the game for 30+ minutes was really enjoyable.

Roles: Gameplay Design and Programming, Level Design, UI Design and Programming
Platform: Windows
Completed: January 2018
Built in Unity

Download: Global Game Jam Page