Woodland Warriors

Woodland Warriors is a video game I created with a team as part of the Game Design, Prototyping, and Production class at Carnegie Mellon University. The gameplay is loosely based on sudoku and involves quickly matching icons in rows, columns, and corner boxes to execute actions and help the four woodland critters defeat the bears.

During initial prototypes of this game, players had a hard time telling what was going on in the game. As a result, we spent a lot of development time making the UI more clear to the player. We added damage and healing text, highlights, animations, and other effects to properly convey to the player how the game worked. I learned to pay closer attention to the user experience and made sure everything that happens in the game is clear and intuitive to the player.

Roles: Gameplay Design, UI Design and Programming
Platform: Windows
Completed: February 2017
Built in Unity

Download: WWFinalBuild.zip